In this video you can here a boy called 911 to help him in his math problems. It’s king of cute for the boy to do that and how the guy on the other line responded. It is also funny when he was caught by his mother and told her he call the police for help. I laugh when he said “You said if I need help to call somebody.” then his mom answered “I didn’t mean the police”.  It’s funny what the boy do when he need help about his math problems but this conversation between the boy and the agent and his mom caught him calling 911 taught me something that I need to apply on my parenting.

The conversation between the boy and his mom shows that his mom told him something like “If you need help call someone for help”. I think most of the parents say that to their children and there’s nothing wrong with that and actually that’s one of the best thing to say to your child about security. What I think wrong is what will your child do when the time of need comes. Will your child call the police like the boy on the video? Will your child call the teacher? You neighbor? Or will your child call you?

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